Our Design Approach

We put a lot of effort into the design stage of any project. For every hour spent designing we will save many hours down the line making ad-hoc changes.


That’s why it’s important to work to a specification. Only an agreed specification will air any assumptions and give a clear development and implementation path to achieve the ideal solution with no surprises.

At this phase we will iron out any functionality you expect from your site; contact form behaviour, social media settings, eCommerce expectations etcetera.

The specification will also take into account any style guides used within your organisation, your budget, and expected timescales. Doing it this way we will all be on the same page.


An important part of the specification is the design of your website. This is an iterative process where we will create a wireframe, style guides and mock-up pages using any existing material you might have for the site.

This design material is usually created using Adobe XD which allows us to share the designs online where you can review and comment.

If all this sounds a bit of a long process; it can be for large or complex sites. We don’t want to have to re-address any critical aspects which can be time consuming during the development and testing phases.

Bespoke Website

We treat every website build as a set of tasks that must be undertaken with care and professionalism. Read how we treat every website build as a bespoke piece of work unique to you.


Consequently, with a ‘tight’ specification, we are confident to quote a fixed price for any sized project.

If we envisage the time and effort to create the Specification is a significant task we will ask for a pre-payment for that piece of work. After all, you’ll own a quality design document and if you choose to hire another developer they will have a leg up, but we hope you won’t.

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