Starter Site

Our Starter Site is a perfect solution for a small company needing a web presence.  Apply now; you don’t need to shop around and get bombarded with seemingly pointless questions that give the fear of a larger price.

Your budget is just £650.00 for your first year for a brand new website and hosting.

In no time at all you will be live on the World Wide Web

What you get

  • Domain name
  • email account: info@, sales@; your choice
  • home page and 2 additional pages
  • your own logo incorporated
  • 1 year hosting (commencing go-live)
  • 1 year maintenance: security updates and content changes

This is a no-hassle solution for you

Once you have sent us your logo selected and selected a domain name we will get started on your site straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to my site myself or do I need to feed changes to Mornington Software?

Either: The site will be based on the world leader of Content Management Systems: WordPress. You will be given a login to make your own changes, or you can raise a change ticket for us to make the changes on your belalf: free.

I already have a Domain name. Must I have a new one or can I re-use my current Domain name?

Of course you can re-use your current Domain name. All you will need to do is change the settings so that it uses the new site that we will be hosting for you.

Can I have a contact form or a gallery as one of my pages?

Yes. We will add any number of images that you supply as a gallery. And we can set up a contact form for you too.

I have an existing site but for various reasons I want a new one from Mornington Software. Can you make it look the same?

In short, yes. We have a lot of experience in migrating existing sites (HTML, Joomla, Drupal etc) to WordPress. Providing the site fits the requirements of 3 pages there will not be a problem. If you have a larger or more complicated site then please get in touch and we can discuss a custom migration plan for you.

What is the payment plan?

We try to keep this as simple as possible. See our Fees and Payment Plan for details.

Can I cancel at any time during the first year of hosting

Yes. You can cancel at any time without quibble. See Payment Schedule.

What are the fees after the initial year?

After the first year all you need to pay are monthly hosting fees. See Payment Schedule.

Am I tied down to a contract?

No. Once you sign up for a Starter Site you will pay some up-front costs but after that, you can cancel the monthly hosting fee at any time. See Payment Schedule.

Can I transfer my site to another provider/hosting company?

Of course, we would be sorry to see you leave us, but we will not tie you in at all. In fact, we will provide backups of your site code and database so that it could be re-installed on another host. You would need to migrate any Emails yourself (but some hosting companies will do that for you).

£650 is a great price for a brand new website, but how can I reduce my costs further?

We run a referral scheme. Once your site is up and running you are automatically registered as an affiliate and you are eligible for a 10% discount off your hosting fees for each successful referral, forever, while your referral stays with us. Make enough referrals you can reduce your fees to £0.00.

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