Website Development

All websites are different so the approach of designing, developing and maintaining the site needs to be tailored to match its requirements.

Typical steps to get a web presence:

  • Identify the business goals and site requirements to achieve those goals
  • Create a delivery plan
  • Generate a sample design for review
  • Select the best technology for the site
  • Create a demonstration site
  • Agree the demo site with all involved
  • Deploy the site to a live host
  • Monitor visitors
  • Maintain content and manage SEO
  • Regular review and update plans

For brochure-type sites or eCommerce sites, whether they are new or rejuvenation projects, we tend to find that WordPress is one of the technologies to consider.

Read more about how WordPress can be the right solution for your website.

For more complex websites that require extensive user interactions and data & document management, the classification of Web App may apply to the site.

All sites will require hosting to allow visitors to find and access your site. We host and manage many sites.

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